Branding by Designing a Consistent UI

Short Background of Our Application

Our application is sort of a social and medical application that has a goal to eradicate tuberculosis in Depok and with the hope to help their activity work more effectively than before (without application). Our target users are doctors and officers, officers have a job to send a report to doctors of some people that have symptoms of the disease or monitoring report. Doctors get the report from officers, view data distribution from collected data on the web, or determine whether some case is positive or not on the web.

Brief Introduction: Choosing Brand Characteristics

Since our users are not old enough and not too young as well, so we want to pick a color that is so familiar to us about medical but has not strong color or young color, that is a green color like this.

Taken from Figma
Taken from Figma: As you can see some shapes have an arch that in the hope able to please our eyes.

How do we manage to have a consistent design?

First of all, why do we need a consistent design? one of the answers that I like to answer is a way to brand your application, remember a consistent remain a value to your user about your product, that’s why UI design is a part of it. Another reason that you will find is it helps your design work more effectively.

Taken from Figma: Master colors
Taken from Figma: Creating two components with the same color
Taken from Figma: Show you how easily change the color with the same color
Taken from Figma: Edit freely font style only one time
Taken from Figma: Creating a component, set it as a master component, and duplicate the master component becomes an instance component of the master component.
Taken from Figma: How easily we change the shape and color of the component
Taken from Figma: A Figma smart enough to adjust the equal gap between same type components
Taken from Figma: Move freely specific group component


Branding is part of a business and designing UI consistently is a part of branding, so achieving consistent UI will boost up your business for sure. We have a design principle and one of them is consistent. As you can see, this article shows us how powerful Figma could help us to achieve that consistency based on our style rule. If you are a designer and you just knew some of these features, I hope this finds you helpful and gets you are more interested to use Figma to develop your application UI and boost your business value significantly.



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