Designing Based on User Intention


The one and only one, an absolute one, a key root concept of everything to boost the interest of your application is designing by knowing well your dear users. Knowing them doesn’t mean know their privacy or information has not related at all to our application, but it’s about what they truly want from our application. It will help you to scope from what you are going to do while designing.

Flows Design

Making any flow is not always be one way, even though you have successfully implemented one, it doesn’t mean it permanently will be the best one. Human wishes it never ends, including this case, it tends to always change in order to get the best one. The question is what kind of the best one we are looking for? As I said before, back to the root problem, yes your user intention, then design your flow perfectly suits your user interest as possible, because they are the only ones who are going to go through the flow, right?

  1. Well operate a computer.
  2. Well operate a handphone.
Investigation Contact Form
See the logs on half of the page body from below, so when a user clicks one of the logs then it will directly go to the investigation case form with pre-filled form.

Visual Design

You notice that we used green, white, black, and gray colors on our mock-up. The reason is simple because it’s social and medical application. But each color like green has a lot of different colors as well, it can be dark or more a little bit young, so which one should I choose? How about the font or the component shape? Here is the part that the UI designer will be paid.


Again, see the root problem while designing visual design as well, yes user intention. In the persona, a range of their age is from 30–40. We see this range age still as young-mid age, still in fresh. From this information, we were agreeing that we should pick those four types of color with young colors as possible except black, the reason is to please their eyes by not choosing the dark color.

The logs


You noticed our font and actually it’s consistently used in both mobile and web. We had not much trouble to pick a font, as long the font is pleasing to see and readable by any normal person, then it’s okay. Based on persona we knew that our users are young-middle aged people and workers. So the priority should be clear and easy to read so they could have an easy feeling and could work effectively, that’s why we choose that like-font. If there is a better font that also suits those requirements that I just said, perhaps we could consider it, but couldn’t change immediately because there is another factor to consider that is branding, I also have another article talks about it, check this out.


Simplistic is one of our design styles, this is what we try to apply on shape aspect. Since we should improve readability, then pick a simple shape is a good approach. We only provided a rectangle, a circle, or combined between rectangle and circle. Simple as like that.


Always remember, understand your user want. The only one to be the root concept of designing is your user intension. It will bring to the act that what you should do and what you should not do. What I just tell you is only a small portion of the concept out there to work on UI/UX, but I hope it will give you a good sense of how to work on UI/UX environment. Thank you for reading this article.



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