What you should/shouldn’t do while working in a team?

Nandhika Prayoga
4 min readApr 29, 2020
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I have been working with my team since last February, I learned a lot from my team since that day. Good teamwork could bring you to the effectiveness of work, and also by having this, you will have a reason to keep work on there besides tasks you work for and keep you feeling safe around them. This is what I experienced with my team, even our work still at deadline day we still try our best to get the best result as possible before present it to the clients without any intimidation to each other.

Here are some behaviors that I think everyone should have, particularly for you want to start life in Software Engineering, enjoy!

Be observable

I believed we always have a together time and a together time is a good time when you want to establish a connection with your team by paying attention to your teamwork even their work is not your field or not related to you, in return you get attention back from your team. So you should get to know better by asking them what they already did and give them feedback as a good response from you for becoming a good listener. Remember to pay attention with determination, don’t do it if it’s not your intention or your team will see you as a faker. By doing this, your team will be valued by you, and otherwise, your team will value you back, a win-win situation right? Don’t ever feel lazy to do it because that opportunity is only once time for each situation. And it’s more crucial if it’s your first time meeting, don’t let them have a bad first impression with you.

Furthermore, by achieving this you also get more insight from your friend and feel their stress or problem. Your sympathy will be getting arisen as long as you know them better, and by having this you know when you are in their position and know better how to react to it.

My team always meets in daily meetings or sprint retrospective. At that time we share our things have done, the problem we are facing, and the next things we would do. I use this opportunity to have a stronger bond with my team by becoming a good audience and sometimes have a suggestion about something they would do. The result is it keeps me know which path we walk on, and by knowing that I know what should I do in order to keep our path is in the right choice.

Be solution

Never getting your nerve in any situation, but be a part of the solution. With/without you realize it when you put an emotion when you are in conversation/situation, the vibe is also changed, reflecting the emotion you are put in and could affect your team behavior. If we put a bad vibe on it, then your team hardly getting a good conversation or perhaps tends to become a divergent conversation or awkward situation. That’s why we should never ever put bad emotion/behavior in any conversation/situation, your options are only two, give a solution for the problem your team have or respond to other solutions.

By doing this, keep your team goes forward by going through all obstacles, accelerate your teamwork, and save more time to work.

In reality, my team has a problem whenever comes to pick a task or set a task for the next sprint. I feel sometimes I and my team are too afraid to give our opinion, that’s why what I could do is give my opinion besides it’s a good choice or not because no one has initiative about it could waste more time. I don’t really care too much if my opinion is wrong or not, as long we could fix it together then it’s okay. In fact, that’s what happens.

Don’t be superior

It’s natural to become better than anyone and it’s a good thing to have, but don’t let that make you become more superior to anyone. Work on a team should be able to support each other in order to boost productiveness, and being superior could kill the productiveness because their willingness to work will be reduced, so we should avoid having that behavior. One thing better we could do is pretending doesn’t have any knowledge about something, let them have their right to participate to have their opinion about something. When you feel know better about the stuff, the best way perhaps you could do is giving your opinion like not knowing anything about it before. I know it’s like a faker, sometimes in life, we shouldn’t always in a perfect way even sometimes we could, because you also need to recognize the presence of other people in your environment. That’s why we should do tolerance sometimes in life, why do need to have an enemy if we could become friends.

Having this behavior lets your team will feel safe around you, there is no anxiety when they are with you and have a stronger connection with your team.

In my team, I feel some of my team members are better than the rest of us, but in fact, when it comes to sharing thoughts or asking something we feel nothing but equally the same. It’s also seen when picking tasks, we never feel one of us better for doing a particular task than the rest of us, we have an equal right to pick any task, that’s what I love from my team.


I believed there are more things we could have in order to behave better with a team, but here is what truly I got from my experience with my team. I hope this gives you more sense of how important your team to you, or what you should behave in Software Engineering life. Hope you like it, thank you.



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