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Nandhika Prayoga
11 min readApr 28, 2020

React is a great framework and becomes more popular day by day. There are also other competitors such as Vue and Angular, and yeah both of them are great frameworks too because they have their own benefits compare to the React, but I have no experience to use either of them so we are going to focus on React only. I’m using React because it’s my first mate to meet when comes to the front-end for the first time. I love making anything on front-end such as animation, component, and making helpful tools to boost the effectiveness of daily activity as a front-end developer. I prefer not to use any library/tools out there as possible if I could make one, particularly when creating a component because it helps you to more understand your code, have originality, and freely do anything creatively without any restriction. Thanks to Facebook, React comes to save humanity by fulfilling my needs in front-end. Now, React is more powerful after React officially introduces hooks in 2019.

I assume, at least you ever experience use React even only just initialize React App. Because in this article, I will share with you how my team deals with React in best practice, including hooks as a new system in React. Enjoy!

The language

As far I know, React only has two languages to pick, namely JavaScript, and TypeScript. Let’s see the comparison between them.

There are more characteristics that I can show you actually, but let just focus on these two keys characteristics. From this information, it’s actually 50:50 to choose one of them, why? If we are talking about a big project, working on a big company as a software developer/engineer, then having scalable and maintainable codes is so important right or you don’t care about it too much so you prefer to the faster compilation time language since perhaps your application is disposable.

Typescript helps a lot of JavaScript developers in order to achieve maintainability by doing type checking to ensure the integration of all systems. But on another side, TypeScript is a slow compilator since we need to do type checking compare to the JavaScript. Because of that, comparing non-typed language and typed language is not suitable in terms of compilation time, should compare typed language to the other typed language as well.

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